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Architecture condenses human lives in the past, present and future,

Which is why we treasure each and every work of such traces.

Architecture condenses human lives in the past, present and future,Which is why we treasure each and every work of such traces.



Situated in Guanlan Ecological Culture Area of Longhua District adjacent to the largest golf course in Asia, this project takes advantage of the rich landscape resources to build a residential complex featuring high quality living to cater to the pursuit of diversified lifestyles of elites.



Advantageously located next to a trunk road with a series of well-developed amenities, this project combines quality living, shopping and recreation into one green urban residential complex to set a “new benchmark in Longhua New District”.



Overlooking the sea and embracing the land, the Pinghu Project is located in the traffic hub of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. Covering a land area about 60,000 m2, this industrial urban complex offers residences, affordable houses, stores, apartments, educational institutions and new industries.



Located in the center of Qianhai and Shekou, this project connects two world-class financial districts. With a 200-m tall landmark of high-end commerce, Grade A office spaces, skyline clubs and presidential apartments, it is to guide new glorious future of Nanshan District.

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